Killer website idea, but you can't code?
Lots of traffic, but no sales?
My name is Steven Braham. I'm a freelance web developer and online marketing expert.
I can help you with creating beautiful and modern web applications.
I can also help you with your Google ranking or improve an existing website.
In May 2017, the Next Web included me in their list of top 500 young Dutch innovators.
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What can I do for you?

Do you have an ugly or slow WordPress website? Do you want more sales in your web shop? Want to build the next Facebook? I can help you with this and a lot more.

Before I came a freelancer, I used to work at a leading Dutch media agency. Here I gained a very diverse skill set, like managing servers, SEO, conversion optimization, web development and online marketing.

I know a lot about making websites that are user-friendly, rank well in Google and convert well.

Apart from my work, I’m studying a degree in user focussed web design on the Hanze university of applied sciences.

If you want to see my resume, I recommend that you check my LinkedIn profile.

My skills


Web development

For example, WordPress theme and plugin development. or web applications using PHP, Ruby on Rails, or NodeJS. I always use the latest and best technology that is available.

I want a great web app

Conversion optimization

Lots of traffic, but no sales? Using advanced tools that analyze and track users, I will try to improve your sales funnels.

I want more sales


After a detailed website analysis, I will try to improve your ranking in Google.

I want to rank better

Why should you choose me?

Apart from my T500 price and years of experience, I have a lot of other unique qualities:

My knowledge includes both design and development

Most developers are great coders, but can't design a nice UI. I know a lot about both coding and creating a killer user experience. This means that my products will work and look great.

I'm all about data

I don't like gues work. I use precision instruments to collect data about users. This means that I easily provide numbers on things like the effects of a redesign, costs or the succes of a page.

I'm always learning and improving

I always monitor the latest trends in web development, so I can use the most modern tech out there for projects. I also take online courses and visit events to gain and share knowledge.

I like to share knowledge with the community

I have a blog where I write tutorials on various topics. Apart from, I often participate on online forums to answer questions. I also share interesting tips and articles on Twitter.


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