Our company produces niche B2C affiliate- and e-commerce websites that help people discover new products or services. We combine high quality software coding with beautiful design and data-driven insights. Only the best hardware and software is used to power our products. Over the years, we have built a network of websites that are visited by thousands of people every day from all over the world.

What sets us apart from other companies?

We are a truly global company


Even though our main office is located in the Netherlands, we always think beyond borders when doing our work, while at the same time always respecting local laws and traditions.

We also have an extensive network of important business partners such as Affiliate Networks, freelancers and Ad networks in every corner of the globe.

Currently, we have active web properties or partners in the Netherlands, UK, Portugal, USA, India , Australia, Cape Verde, South Africa and many more

Only the best tools are used

We utilize battle tested and industry standard tools and technologies for our products. For every aspect of our business we only use premium A-grade tech and never cheap inferior tools.

This allows us to deliver unmatched quality in terms of performance, security or user experience. This also plays a huge role in our philosophy that all decisions should be supported by data and thus proper data collection is essential.

Consequently, this also applies to our staff and contractors. In order to qualify to work for Braham.Biz, an individual must demonstrate exceptional knowledge about our toolchain.


We match the best horizontal with your vertical


We have a very broad specialization in different traffic sources and verticals. Often for one product, we will create multiple campaigns and landers across a variety of traffic sources to see what works best. Off course, we always respect the targeting and brand rules of a product.

Currently, we are mostly focused on these verticals: Automotive, Online Dating, Sweepstakes, Finance (including cryptocurrency), App installs and Travel.

We promote them with Native, Display, Search, Social and Pop Traffic